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Marcador Pizarra de la película


"Couple Sketch" are short sketches that show everyday situations in a marriage and how the husband or wife can improve the relationship.

Technical information

Number of episodes: 18

Production Companies: FilmCom Studios and Redblue Film Production

Production year: 2020/2021

Country of production: Colombia

Original language: Spanish

Subtitles: English and Swedish


  • Fausto Cogollo

  • Cristina Gómez


  • Asistente de dirección: Andi Motato

  • Sonido: Santiago García

  • Producción, dirección y guión: Urban Skargren

película de la vendimia


“Los Bravo” es un piloto de una serie de comedia para toda la familia.

​Argumento: Ana hace una promesa a su vecina pero a la hora de verdad, duda si vale la pena cumplirla.

Technical information

  • Format: 4K

  • Country of Production: Colombia

  • Duration: 12 minutes

  • Genre: Comedy

  • Director: Urban Skargren

  • Production Company: FilmCom Studios and Red Blue Film Production

  • Production year: 2020

  • Language: Spanish

  • Subtitles: English and Swedish


  • Danna Páez Duffo

  • Luís Fernando Páez

  • Constanza Duffo

  • Máximo Páez Duffo

  • Enzo Páez Duffo

  • Valentino Páez Duffo


  • Asistente de dirección: Andi Motato

  • Cámara: Jonatan Gutiérrez y Urban Skargren

  • Sonido: Brayan Jara

  • Gaffer: Flor Delgadillo

  • Continuista: Katia Pistulka

  • Niñera: Dina Gutierrez

  • Cocinera: Bianca Figueredo

  • Producción, guión y dirección: Urban Skargren



Even if the Covid-19 pandemic has outshone other issues for a time, Colombia continues to experience a strange post-war era and ongoing conflicts at the same time. There are many who cry out, with voice or without voice, for a lasting peace and sometimes the road seems eternal. At the same time, we must understand that peace is created not only by the government and NGOs, but by every citizen of a nation.


But even if we were to achieve peace soon, the past has not left us without injury. Salome is an attempt to show the invisible ailments that still permeate the nation of Colombia, and especially from the perspective of women.


FilmCom Studios' short film Salome tells the story of a 14-year-old girl displaced to an urban neighborhood. One day she discovers a world of arts  where young people paint and sculpt. Salome wants to participate but can't help practicing one of her gifts: causing discomfort. However, the opportunity to paint opens for Salome new perspectives on his life, dimensions that she does not necessarily want to discover.

Technical information

  • Format: 4K

  • Production Country: Colombia

  • Duration: 15 minutes

  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Urban Skargren

  • Production company: FilmCom Studios

  • Final production year: 2019

  • Language: Spanish

  • Subtitles: English and Swedish

Music composers

The music to Salomé is original and composed, arranged and produced by Swedish musicians Kristoffer Wallin and Ola W Jansson. You can find their music on Spotify by clicking on their names.

Part of the production crew

  • Director: Urban Skargen

  • Production coordinator: Gilari Torres

  • Associate Producer: Carolyne Gerling

  • Executive producer: Paulo Fillion

  • Director of photography: Roberto González

  • Production designer: Laura García Yepes

  • Casting director: Fabian Montoya

  • Cameraman: Jonatan Gutiérrez

  • Workshop coordinator: María Isabel Mesa

  • First assistant director: Natalia Higuera

  • Script: Lorena Jiménez

  • Camera operator: Jonatan Gutiérrez

  • Accountant: Lorena Toro

  • Script consultant: Gustavo Galeano

  • Pre-production assistant: Manuela Andrade



Camilo is a boy in Medellín who dreams of being a professional soccer player. But his older brother has other plans for him.


The Winning Choice is directed by Urban Skargren, it is a short film that lasts 12 minutes and is produced by FilmCom Studios in 2014 for the Swedish foundation Ankarstiftelsen.

It was filmed in the Limonar neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia, where the Ankarstiftelsen foundation has helped promote peace deals between criminal groups by creating permanent soccer clinics for children where former prisoners teach values to children.


Sin Reversa (Deadlock) is a 6 minute short film produced by FilmCom Studios. It tells the story of David, a 15-year-old boy who is one day offered to commit a rather serious crime. It will?

Film information

Duration: 6 min

Format: 1080p

Genre: Fiction / Action

Production company: FilmCom Studios

Production Year (Final): 2019

Production country: Colombia

Original language of dialogue: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Part of the production crew

Director: Urban Skargren

Script: Paulo Fillion

Idea of: Carlos Torres and Pedro Pallares

Producers: Paulo Fillion and Urban Skargren

Director of photography: Tyron Gallego

Production designer: Michelle Fernández

Publisher: Urban Skargren
Soundman: Federico Franco

Casting: Juan Carlos Toro Foronda and Urban Skargren

First assistant director: Paulo Fillion

Second assistant director: Juan Carlos Toro Foronda



By your side is a 9 minute short film produced by FilmCom Studios in Medellin, Colombia. It stars Pedro Pallares (known from television series in Colombia) and tells the story of a garbage recycler in Medellin who one day has a mysterious encounter with a young woman from a high class in the same city.


By your side is directed by Juan Carlos Vanegas Arrieta and was filmed on location in Medellin, Colombia.

Pedro Pallares (Protagonist)

Colombian actor born in Cucuta, emerged from the Reality Show “Protagonistas de Novela 2 ″. He has worked in Colombian series and films such as "Complices", "Bellas y ambiciosas", "Séptima puerta", "Decisiones", "Casado con hijos", "Pandillas guerra y paz", "Así es la vida", "Gabriela giros del destino" and "A corazón abierto", among others.


This 30-minute pilot episode of a television series is a crazy comedy produced by FilmCom Studios in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Where the story of Timotea, Mohamed, Doña Pureza and Celedonio are told, who together experience adventures in a fictional neighborhood.


There's no neighborhood like our was produced by RSO ., A Colombian occupational health company.


Timotea - Yazmin Stella Román Ortíz

Mohamed - Jesús Maurico Román Ortíz  

Doña Pureza - Luz Stella Ortíz de Román

Celedonio - Christiam Nicolás Román Ortíz

Reimundo - Luís Augusto Ortíz    

Don Pacho - Nicolás Román Luna

Arsenio - Jaiver Angarita

Señor en Bicicleta - Victor Julio Dallos  

Voz de Dios - Omar Bohórquez Meza  

Cecilia - Jeanette Pérez   

Linda Orquídea - Mercedes Cabezas Súarez

Francisco - Miguel Orlando Hernandez       

Pasajera - Yuri Tatiana Rangel Cepeda  

Camarero - Jorge Hernando Parejo       

Guarda de seguridad - Fabio Armando Súarez      

Familia wayuu -  Marco Anibal Ordoñez  

                              - Neila Ortíz Zapata 

                              - Jeison José Ortíz

Production team

Produced by: RSOSA Company

Written by: Jesús Mauricio Román Ortíz

Co-writer: Urban Skargen

General Producer: Paulo Fillion

Executive Producer: Luz Stella Ortíz de Román

Production manager: Ana Ruth Ayala

A. Production: -Karen Canessa

-Constanza Aguillón

1 Assistant Director: Manuela Andrade

Script: Natalia Higuera

Camará Assistant: Nicolás Castañeda

Directors of Photography: -Roberto González

-Urban Skargen

Cameramen: -Jonatan Gutiérrez

-Robinson Toro

-Pablo Jiménez

Gaffer: Juan Carlos Polaco

Production Assistant: Joshua Ortega

Production design: Imelda Ivanova Molina

Art and props: Luis Solis


Wardrobe: Imelda Ivanova Molina